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Jul 28 2012 11:02

So the formerly-escaped steers, Bill and Ted, are now confined to the easternmost 3 acres of the property, their punishment for Ted’s Houdini-like ability to go through or around the fencing across the creek. This is at the very northeast end of the property, perhaps 300 yds (m) from the house. 

At the end of the work day last week I was filling their water trough, and noticed that there were little bits of material on the ground that looked artificial. It turns out that the area around the trough is littered with little bits of pottery. The largest piece in the photo above was the first I found, and when I did I thought I’d stumbled across something from the Comanche tribes that lived in the area before 1830 or so, but the perfectly flat bottom and even sides told me I had something machine made and a lot less interesting than Native American craftwork.

The other pieces are a bit more interesting, though - Fragments of china plates or saucers, in traditional Asian and floral patterns. I have no idea what they’re doing out in the pasture - Was this a dump at one point? Or do they have some other story to tell?

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